26—29 September 2024
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Shit and Shine

Convenanza favourites Shit & Shine are bringing their live show to the Temple of Gnostic Sonics! Coming from Austin, Texas. Craig Clouse, the hardest working man in the business, has released everything from pounding and shiny techno to acid house, electro, funk, krautrock, hip hop, found sound, spoken word, live percussions… He is uninterested in the self imposed restrictions of genre. He has carved out a unique spot in machine music. He’s certainly skilled to have been kicking about this long, but one of his most appealing traits is that he approaches music with the fervour of an enthusiastic amateur (Mr. Childish ethos comes to mind). 2018’s You Were Very High EP, established something of a watershed moment for the majority of his current sound. After weeks of sitting at a sampler loaded with anything and everything – Black Sabbath, Rihanna, Prince, Steely Dan and a host of audio lifted from YouTube clips, the record’s two sprawling sides come together like a hallucinogenic sonic miracle. He’s also very good with his use of samples which are often hilarious!

(check 'I’m Trying To Watch The Fuckin’ Telly' below)