26—29 September 2024
Sold out


In 2010, Bernie discussed the possibility of doing a festival with Andrew. The Guv’ said he would only do it in a sublime spot which could be conductive to the transcendental experience he was aiming for. Bernie invited him to check the castle, and he fell in love with the place.

That’s how we started in 2013 in a small venue « Le Bar à vins » (where we still do the pre/after parties to this day). In 2014, we moved to the Temple of Gnostic Sonics (le château Comtal) in the castle, the most jaw-dropping venue you’ve ever seen. And we’ve been turning listeners into believers ever since. Andrew decided to call the festival « Convenanza » as a tribute to the Cathar heretics, the good men and good women who were present in the region in the the 12th century, and were completely exterminated in the early 13th century.

Andrew is no longer with us, but as Sean Johnson said, we must endeavour to follow the map and compass he left us and push forward with his ethos.