26—29 September 2024
Sold out

Roman Flügel

Discussing the contemporary electronic music scene in Germany without mentioning Flügel's contribution would be near impossible. In 1993, he established the labels Ongaku, Klang Elektronik as well as Playhouse, a now legendary imprint that released iconic records by Isolée, Ricardo Villalobos and LoSoul. It essentially set a new cultural marker for European house and techno.

As a DJ, Flügel is someone that honours the music. When playing, each record is given time to properly breathe, so its form and character can bleed onto the dancefloor, before giving a deep and progressive mix into the next record. There’s no gimmicks in his sets, just a great understanding of music and the time, patience and dexterity to blend the tracks into a smooth, free-flowing and inspired narrative. Flügel doesn’t just take you on journeys, he is the cartographer, mapping out the entire musical landscape, before sharing with you the broader world he inhabits. He went from being the adoring fan at Sven Väth’s Omen Club as a teenager to a regular fixture at the likes of Berghain, Amnesia, fabric and Robert Johnson. It was for the latter that Flügel recorded one of the scene's better known mix CDs - Live at Robert Johnson Vol.5. In 2017, he also went on to contribute to the iconic fabric mix series.

Mr. W rated him very highly and it’s an honour to have him headline the Saturday night in The Temple of Gnostic Sonics.