26—29 September 2024
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Froid Dub

For us at Convenanza, Froid Dub ticks all the boxes. They take us on a unique concoction of modern digi-dub, a crossover of wave and dub. An equation already figured out by post-punk at the end of the '70s, updated here with a touch of club culture, and a more personal vibe. The critical acclaim that followed the release of the now highly collected debut EP 'An Iceberg Crusing The Jamaican Coastline' (Delodio - 2021) catapulted Froid Dub onto the international electronic music scene, and made this record one of the favourites of many DJs, records stores, and journalists.

Run by F.M. (François Marché) and Fafane (Stéphane Bodin), two Paris (France)-based musicians who know each other quite well, as they never stopped making and searching for music together since they met in high school. They also manage Delodio, a label whose reputation as a high quality electronic music provider, taken from the past or created in the present is closely followed by a number of DJs and music curators.

The duo performs live and offers Froid Dub in a acid-tinged electro-dub set that mixes modern machines and analog, deep bass synths. A dancing balancing act between organic and digital, hot and cold.