26—29 September 2024
Sold out


We always expect a seminal moment for the ALFOS session in the castle. And we must admit that last year went beyond expectations, the Captain taking us on a journey which made the Gnostic Sonics ritual such a joy. The Guv’ must be proud…

A Love From Outer Space has, since 2010, been a steadying anchor on the underground, sustaining one of the most dedicated communities around with regular dancefloor epiphanies.

After Andrew’s departure, in the eternal spirit of ‘…Sail We Must’, Captain Sean Johnston has determined to continue the vibe that the pair spent so many beautiful years patiently cultivating: ‘As far as ALFOS is concerned - whilst he didn’t leave a map - he did leave a very strong compass bearing. In a way, the many sets over the course of the decade we DJ’d together seemed like a dialogue between us about what the ALFOS aesthetic should be. He left me well-schooled and oriented to follow the path.’